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Welcome to! Public Hunting Notification Service

Think of it like this, your hunting buddy's full time job is to tell you about upcoming hunting opportunities, new land openings, law changes, information not commonly known and anything else we can find out. Your Hunting Buddy will remind you when to apply for hunting permits.


We are now a FREE service

Notification Possibilities (Hunt Alerts)

We will notify you 5 days prior to availability and they day of available with a simple link to the proper application.


Secret Information

We investigate rules, regulation and locate advantages and notify our members of new land openings, law changes and everything else we find that might benefit our members. We will email our findings as we find out information.


No crap possible

We will not email you any crap such as advertisments, stupid videos or anything that will not help you.


Never say

I forgot.
I didn't know.
No one told me!
How as I suppose to know that?!
The website is confusing!

Photos by Wayne Timmerman

Three Lakes



Fort Drum